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The Holly - SEWN Black tulle dress with sash - Breakfast at Tiffany's inspired tutu dress - Made to order - Photography prop, flower girls




The Holly -  SEWN Black tulle dress with sash - Breakfast at Tiffany&#39;s inspired tutu dress - Made to order - Photography prop, flower girls
What makes a PrincessDoodleBeans Tutu special?!?

With over 100 yards of tulle on even the smallest infant skirt, you can be assured that these Tutus are the Poofiest available! (Even poofier than rivals like Tutu Couture for FAO Schwarz!) The mathematical equation I use ensures you'll get the MAXimum amount of tulle possible on your skirt without destroying the waistband. This leads to the fullness you see in the photos. There is literally a wall off tulle that makes the tutu not see through. You'll never EVER find a skimpy tutu here!!
*It is my personal quest to make the most full tutus around!

This listing is an upgrade from the "Katherine" style long tutu. Just as elegant as the Katherine. This tutu is Multi-layered for extra poof and is made with between 175-350 yards of high quality bridal tulle. The Holly is a classic and super fun choice for girls!

The Holly comes in your choice of tulle and ribbon colors. While this particular dress is shown in Black tulle with Black satin tie shoulder straps and Aqua 3" wide sash, I can accommodate any custom order.

Sash colors as follows:
Purple haze
Royal Blue
Navy Blue
Baby Maize
Hunter Green
Light Blue
Light Pink
Willow Green
Shocking Pink
Hot Pink
Smoke Blue
Aqua (shown in photo)
Light Gold
Apple Green

Also provide me with the chest measurement of the recipient up through 26" (measure just under armpits, where the tutu will sit.) and the length choice for the dress (from armpit down to where you want the dress to end, in inches)

If you'd like a different style/color, please message me, I can typically match any custom order. :)

The Holly is the perfect dress for flower girls, portrait sessions, dress up, or just about any other time! Lets face it, us girls don't really need a reason to get dolled up! Also, This dress converts into a tutu skirt. Just wear it on your hips and tie the ribbons into a bows. Voila' very versatile!

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*Note. Because this is a custom handmade item, delivery could take up to 2-3 weeks. I will be in contact with you regarding your order during that time.
About the Technique! -
All of my tutus are created using a technique that allows for maximum stretch and durability!
My tutus are machine sewn on an elastic waistband. I use 1 inch width elastic to allow between 6-8“ of stretch in each tutu.

About the Fabric! -
I use a bridal quality diamond weave nylon tulle in my tutus, wands, wreaths, poms, and Flora clips. This fabric is soft and durable, not scratchy and bulky like hex netting.

About the Pouf! -
The fullness of my tutus is created by the HUGE amounts of fabric used on each tutu! I use more than 100 yards of fabric on even the smallest infant tutu! This causes the tutu to be fuller on the bottom, and can not be seen through. My mathematical formula allows me to determine exactly how much fabric is needed on each tutu to create consistently poofy tutus! I never skimp on the frill!
Most of my tutu styles are made using the same formula. There are however a few styles that I call my “half-poof” tutus. They use half the tulle as the rest of my tutus and are stated as such and priced accordingly.

About the Stretch! -
The method and products that I use allow for the waistband to stretch about 6-8" to be easily pulled on and off!
My tutus will stretch approximately 6" without distorting the look of the tutu or exposing the waistband, allowing for an average of 3 or more years of growing room!

About the Size! -
To ensure your tutu is as perfect as possible, please provide waist and length measurements (in inches) at time of sale. If you don’t know the exact waist measurement of the recipient, please included the current pant size.

About Customization! -
All of my tutus are completely customizable! Meaning that you, my dear customer, get to choose what colors of tulle and ribbon you’d like, what length you’d prefer, and what style of tulle you want to create the perfect tutu for you! Color choices are included with the listings. If you have a custom color request, please message me for details. I am more than happy to work out any details with you!

About Accessorizing! -
Don’t forget to check out my Accessories & Add-on section of the Boutique for FABulous ways to accentuate your tutu!!

About Embellishing! -
Rhinestones, flowers, glitter, ribbons, and anything else you can imagine can be added to any tutu at an additional cost. Please message me me if you would like to add embellishments!

About Shipping! -
Your tutu will be shipped with care in a box. I use Priority Mail with delivery confirmation through the USPS for all domestic orders unless requested otherwise. You will receive a tracking number upon shipping. Priority Mail is a 2-3 day service, so your order will get to you quickly and safely! International Shipping is available!! Please contact me before sale for a price quote. If you have any questions about shipping, please message me.

About the Sewn Method! -
Have you ever wondered what the difference is between the sewn and tied method for tutus? Wonder no more!
Tied tutus have strips of tulle tied around an elastic or ribbon waistband. All PrincessDoodleBeans tutus have strips of tulle sewn around an elastic waistband! Many tied tutus are not very full. The way they are tied creates the look of fullness, but in actuality they are quite thin. Not so with my tutus!!
Another benefit of sewn tutus over tied tutus is the stretch allowance! Because of the lack of fabric on most tied tutus, they will quickly begin to show the elastic or ribbon through the fabric at the waist when stretched out. The tulle strips will also move out of place and the tutu eventually turns into a tangled mess. AHH!
The method and amount of fabric I use on my tutus allows them to stretched up to 6-8" without showing the elastic! And the fabric returns to it's proper place, ensuring you will get many years of use out of your tutu!
However, not all sewn tutus are created equal, either. Many sewn tutus have the fabric sewn directly to the elastic, limiting the amount of stretch and amount of fabric used.

*As you can see, a PrincessDoodleBeans tutu is in a class by itself! More full than most tutus on the market (including Tutu Couture for FAO Schwarz!) Very durable for MANY years of wear, and still priced modestly so everyone can enjoy them!! Here’s to being TuTu FABulous*

care instructions
hand wash, air dry

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Thank you for buying handmade.