So, hmmmm. How to fit this into one page. 

WELCOME TO MY (healthy?) OBSESSION! To say I'm a bit addicted to what I create would be an understatement of dramatic proportions. Recently, I've even begun creating tutus in my sleep....but let's start at the begining.....

Hello, my name is Kristin. I'm a wife, mother of 3, musician, worship leader, poet, artist, and now fabulous tutu creator. As if life weren't busy enough, I had to find something else to take up those few hours of rest I have each day. I've never been one for just sitting idle. This whole tutu making obsession started over 7 years ago when my oldest daughter asked to have a princess tutu dress made for Halloween. I ended up creating 3 sets, one for each of my daughters, and was so taken with them that I just kept creating....and creating....and creating. After 19 were finished (and my bedroom looked like a shrine to the goddess of tulle) my husband asked if I was going to sell them, or what? I think he had a problem with his sanctuary looking so frilly. (Guys!!) I took his idea to heart and started plans to sell these one of a kind tutus to family, community, and then through Etsy (LOVE!) My store name is also inspired by my daughters, my muses if you will. Princess is the oldest and the lover of all things pink, poofy, girlie, and frilly. (Think Fancy Nancy) The middle child is Beans, my art and cooking loving beauty in blue. A tomboy in every sense of the word. And last but NEVER least is Doodles, my red haired fiery ball of emotion at 9 years. Every set that is created has to go through their rigorous approval process. If they don't like it, you can bet it won't make it to the store. 
As you can see, we girls LOVE what we do here at the Boutique. Come get caught up with us!!

It is my sincere hope that you enjoy each creation as much as I did making it. These creations, like everything else in my life, are a work of art. <3 span="">

K. Frank
Northport, MI

*For more current info on me or the Boutique check out my facebook page under: Princessdoodlebeans
A catalog of every item made can be found on my flickr page at www.flickr.com/photos/princessdoodlebeans

Here's to being *Tutu FABulous*